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Introducing 'The Button' digital superhero

Moooi presents creative luxury for a well curated life. Its products are innovative, provocative and poetic at the same time. For an extraordinary life! Moooi is a high-end Dutch furniture & design company that sells to customers all over the world. Moooi believes in good design and the sustainability of the creative processes that lead to good design. Design brands and designers deserve protection to keep creating new products and investing in marketing their designs. With this in mind, the brand called on Selinko to protect its creations from counterfeiting. 


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The Button, custom-made digital superhero for Moooi


Which challenges for Moooi and Selinko?

  • Everyone involved, including the second-hand buyer, should have a way to know if they have a real product in front of them and not a fake.
  • How to place the tag? It has to be placed on a variety of materials and should fit to the exclusive Moooi design.
  • How to ensure the value of the product also for resale.
  • How can they manage their supply chain in the most effective way?


The combination of a unique digital ID, powered by a secure platform, and an adapted secure NFC tag on every product allows:

  • unequivocal authentication,
  • ownership certificates and transfers, including one more year of warranty,
  • tracking & tracing.

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The Button has been designed by Moooi and it contains the NFC tag. It fits to the premium design of the products and is easy to apply. Clients can authenticate their product when simply tapping it with their smartphone. This opens the app and guarantees the authenticity and provenance of the product. The buyer can also register the product and receive a digital certificate of ownership delivered by Moooi.

The solution shows that Moooi cares for them. This builds consumer trust in the brand and protects the value of the product over time. The same registration process is also used for a warranty extension of one year.

As a result, the brand noticed a significant reduction in online counterfeits.

In order to implement easy integration, Selinko provided a device that easily pairs each NFC tag to the product and the unique barcode on the cardboard packaging. The track & trace solution allows the company to improve their supply chain efficiency by tracking each individual product, without making any changes to their current processes.

Receive the detailed case study

“In a world where mass production and counterfeiting are increasingly common, we created The Button. This small digital superhero provides Moooi products with an authentic digital identity.”

Robin Bevers

CEO of Moooi