Ownership certificates

Ensure the value of your product over time

A digital ownership certificate and its transfer for the second hand market

An authentic product. Enhance your product and secure it with a tag. The unique ID ensures its authenticity. By simply scanning the tag, your customer knows the product is genuine.

Your customer becomes the owner. You can assign the unique, secure ID to a unique customer. This official owner of the product will receive a digital ownership certificate. You can also link this certificate to the product warranty.

The best deal. Your clients can transfer the certificate and warranty when reselling the product on second-hand market. That’s a win-win deal for both customers: the reseller gets a higher price because the product is sold with a certificate of ownership, and the buyers get a guarantee of authenticity and ownership.
It is also a good deal for your brand because you control your brand value no matter the stage in your product’s life cycle, and you provide your clients exclusive services.

Benefits for your brand

  • Protect your brand and its image.
  • Gain customer trust and engagement.
  • Give added value and service to your customers.
  • Safeguard your products’ value.
  • Take advantage of second-hand market opportunities.

Benefits for your clients

  • Increased customer trust and confidence. They know their article is genuine! Whether they’re the first customer or subsequent ones.
  • They feel protected and cared for.
  • Privileged relationship and engagement with your brand.
  • Transfer of ownership and warranty.
  • They get better deals on the second-hand market.