Customer engagement and data collection

Trust. Engage. Live.

Authenticity. Thanks to the unique digital ID combined with a secure tag, your clients can scan your products or packaging with a smartphone and get information on its authenticity. They know their product is genuine and feel secure.

One-to-One. When scanning your product, they open a one-to-one trustworthy channel of communication (app, WeChat mini-programme or web page).

Experiences. As your clients feel secure, they are open to live exclusive experiences through the secure channel of communication you have with them.

Our platform

Increase your customer intelligence

Each tag gives you qualified and contextual data about customers and products. Via a secure interface, you get access to all your data, reporting and marketing tools such as personalisation and contextualisation. For more convenience, you can integrate the data with your CRM system.

Benefits of for your brand

  • Earn your clients’ trust and engagement.
  • Create a one-to-one relationship with them.
  • Increase your customer intelligence.
  • GDPR and China data protection
    act compliant.
  • Increase your brand value.
  • Targeted, personalised and contextual, creative content and actions.
  • Marketing automation.
  • Cross-selling/up-selling.
  • Increase sales.
  • Redirection option to web pages, apps and WeChat mini-programmes

Benefits of for your clients

  • Trust.
  • They feel you care for them.
  • Privileged relationship with your brand.
  • New and trustworthy experiences.
  • VIP treatment.
  • Conciergerie services.
  • Product information/transparency.
  • Personalised advantages.
  • Transferable certificate of ownership and warranty for a more valuable resale.
  • Easy and secure reordering, up and cross sales.
  • Personalised after-sales support via the product.