Give your customers identification and a strong authentication and build up brand trust and confidence.

Highest security

By combining the unique digital identity generated by Selinko’s platform with the secure NFC tag, we can provide the highest level of security for the most reliable authentication.

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Easy to use

  • Your clients can read this tag with a smartphone and will get information about the product’s authenticity.
  • This also opens an exclusive communication channel with your brand.

Ready for engagement

  • Consumers know their product is genuine
  • They are ready for a stronger engagement.

A wide range of tag suppliers guarantee:

  • different security levels,
  • tags adapted to you needs (e.g. tamper-proof, piercing detection etc.)
  • cost-effective offers,
  • multi-technology solutions.

Benefits of for your brand

  • Protect your brand and its image.
  • Get your clients’ trust and engagement.
  • Open a one-to-one communication channel with your clients.

Benefits for your clients

  • Trust in your brand, they know their article is genuine!
  • They feel protected and cared for.
  • A privileged relationship with your brand.
  • A new and trustworthy experience.
  • Exclusive feeling.