Track trace and grey market detection

Maximise your supply chain efficiency, trace your product during all its lifecycle and protect your distribution network

Track your product and detect grey market

Insightful data, one scan at a time. Trace your product thanks to its unique ID. Each scan can be directly linked to a specific product, to its supply chain and to geographical information. The data is recorded on our platform and provides you with an informative track & trace feature. Every scan along the chain is reported on our platform. To scan the tags, you can simply use a smartphone. Or we can provide you with specific readers and non-disruptive integration in your production line.

Deviation detected. As every product is assigned to a specific supply chain and market, any deviation will be detected as soon as a tag is scanned out of zone.

Digital Product Passport easily shared via our brand platform that also enables our customers to spread different contents depending on the territory where the product is scanned. This is our “Orchestrator” tool that will support contextual communications about your products.

Support circularity and trace the entire life of your product. You can follow the other “lives” of your product, for example, if ever it is resold. You receive insights and information into these second-hand dealings and can potentially control them. The end of the product lifecycle will also be supported with implementation of efficient recycling programs through traceability of every product. 

Benefits for your brand

  • Reporting on your supply chain efficiency.
  • ID reading by smartphone, expert app or industrial reader.
  • NFC can be read in bulk.
  • Protect your distributors from the grey market.
  • Strengthen your relationship with your distributors.
  • An easy solution to answer complex DPP for every European country.
  • You know your resale market and can control it.
  • You can support an efficient circularity program.

Benefits for your distributors

  • They feel protected.
  • The sold products are authentic.
  • Trustworthy relationship with your brand.