Track trace and grey market detection

Maximise your supply chain efficiency and protect your distribution network

Track your product and detect grey market

Insightful data, one scan at a time. Trace your product thanks to its unique ID. Each scan can be directly linked to a specific product, to its supply chain and to geographical information. The data is recorded on our platform and provides you with an informative track & trace feature.

From production to customer. Every scan along the chain is reported on our platform. To scan the tags, you can simply use a smartphone. Or we can provide you with specific readers and non-disruptive integration in your production line.

Deviation detected. As every product is assigned to a specific supply chain and market, any deviation will be detected as soon as a tag is scanned out of zone.

Benefits for your brand

  • Reporting on your supply chain efficiency.
  • ID reading by smartphone, expert app or industrial reader.
  • NFC can be read in bulk.
  • Protect your distributors from the grey market.
  • Strengthen your relationship with your distributors.

Benefits for your distributors

  • They feel protected.
  • The sold products are authentic.
  • Trustworthy relationship with your brand.