Go beyond unique digital ID for your products 


Through our 3-step expert process, we offer you a range of customised solutions around your unique digital IDs. With Selinko, you have access to years of expertise for your project, tailored to your needs.


In depth analysis

Exploring your context. Based on our combined expertise of technology and markets, you will get a thorough analysis of every aspect of your project, so we can determine the opportunities and risk matrix for your situation.


Optimised solution

Let’s create together. Obtain the best possible return on investment thanks to our tailor-made hardware and software solutions, combined with state-of-the-art innovations by our qualified partners.


Easy implementation

Rely on us: from IT to integrations. We provide onboarding to the Selinko platform, which includes reporting, communication, track and trace tools. As for the industrial integration, we provide a tailor-made service for your production line.

With our ever-evolving expertise, we can implement the following solutions tailored to your needs

High-end solutions

Selinko's platform is giving the digital life to your product and packaging. It is creating the ID’s and managing all features and solutions allowed by these unique ID’s. 

Connect your brand

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