When passion for great wines meets that of advanced technologies. 

Introducing Laurent Ponsot under the term that best defines him: Laurent Ponsot, the Passionate. His passion for the vine, great wines, his love of the land, the newest technologies. In addition to perpetuating a wine tradition of excellence, Laurent Ponsot the winemaker is indeed a technology geek. A pioneer and geek who puts his innovations and research in service of nature. He was the first in the world to publish a wine website in 1989 as well as the creator of the ideal cork after 20 years of research. In order to protect his fine wines, Laurent Ponsot even tracked down and facilitated the arrest of Rudy Kurniawan, the world's most famous forger and swindler of exceptional wines. It’s in the course of his continuous search for excellence and brand protection that we met Laurent Ponsot. And as he likes to say: his wine, his land, his vines, he "protects them like a father protects his children in order to give them a beautiful life".

InTact, capsule with secure, integrated NFC chip. The best of the collaboration between Selinko and Amcor. 


  • Everyone needs to know if the wine is genuine
  • The solution must be able to detect complex fraudulent methods such as the refilling of the bottle or the use of a fake bottle.


  • Authentication
  • Capsule with integrated tamper proof NFC tag. Result of an exclusive partnership with AMCOR.

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Today the bottles are all equipped with NFC caps with opening detection. Through collaboration with our partner AMCOR, we can offer our customer an easy solution with a polylaminated integrated capsule

Customers and distributors can scan the cap with a smartphone and receive information on the authenticity of the product. To complete the solution, a flyer about the technology and its properties are attached to the customer’s order. 

We are proud Laurent Ponsot has chosen us, and we are driven to continuously innovate together. A new solution is on the horizon which we will be happy to share with you soon.

Receive detailed case study

"I called Selinko because they were at that time the only ones to offer a secure NFC technology and I quickly realized we shared the same vision and the will to progress. The simplicity of the approach, their expertise and their frankness finally convinced me and today it is within this framework that we continue to collaborate."

Laurent Ponsot