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first in the watchmaking world

Since 2019, Thomas Baillod, the intrepid entrepreneur at the head of BA111OD, has been challenging the customs and traditions of the watchmaking industry. He developed a new business model and demonstrated that it was possible to innovate by rethinking the margins inherent in distribution channels. His daring and innovative business model puts customers at the centre of the brand and does not approach them anymore as ‘end consumers’. He created a brand-new distribution process based on a digital community of “affluendors” (contraction of ambassadors, influencers and vendors).

BA111OD offers the world of watches the most significant innovation in protection and consumer engagement!

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BA111OD created the convergence of art and technology by combining one of the most prestigious horological complications, the tourbillon, with a technological feat, the very first NFC-enabled crystal in the history of watchmaking. This further expands the boundaries of customer service.


  • The customers should easily get trustworthy authenticity information about their watch.
  • They need a direct and personalised access to the digital life of their watch.
  • How can we apply NFC in a complex watch?
  • Is this possible without disrupting its design and moving parts?


  • Authentication by the customer.
  • Connection to a personalised space for exchange.
  • Tracking: detection service in case of theft.

Production and integration

The tag: an NFC-connected sapphire crystal (first on the market) created by Stiss. 

While the technology is usually part of the core of the watch, in this case it is discreetly integrated into the sapphire glass. The module in the glass activates itself only to occasional readings, which guarantees a non-invasive technology and without any influence on the moving parts.

Selinkos platform manages the unique IDs and their tags in order to deliver:

  • Authentication,
  • Redirection to a personal space for exchange,
  • Detection service in case of theft,
  • Qualified and contextual data collection and reporting.


A simple tap with their smartphone is enough for customers to authenticate their product and start a relationship based on trust and exchange. To complete the protection solution, a scan tracking option will assist them in case of theft.

With its unique concierge service, the watch can be used as a pass to access private invitations, a URL for a unique and exclusive escape game, a personalised message for special occasions etc. A fun experience that strengthens BA111OD’s connection to its customers. The options are endless and facilitate a dialogue between the brand and the purchaser of the timepiece. 

Connecting and protecting its watches, “BA111OD is the first watchmaker to use NFC with the desire to put the customer at the centre.” 

Thomas Baillod

CEO of Ba111od Watch Concept