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Giving digital life to the most iconic luggage design of all time

Since its founding in 1898, RIMOWA has put innovation in the forefront, but its philosophy has always stayed the same: expert travellers need expert travel tools. As part of its mission, the German brand continuously works to strengthen its authenticity certificates. With this in mind, Selinko worked with RIMOWA to create digital solutions to ensure its iconic luggage’s authenticity.

Giving digital life to the most iconic luggage design of all time


  • Providing easy access to information on the RIMOWA’s product’s authenticity
  • Implementing a digital solution to increase customer intelligence


In order to provide easy access to information on product authenticity, Selinko uses a combination of a unique digital ID that is powered by a secure platform and places a secure NFC tag on the suitcase. This allows for: 

  • Authentication
  • Customer data capture
  • Customer engagement with personalized content

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By scanning RIMOWA suitcases with a smartphone, the user will be provided with information on the product’s authenticity. Furthermore, during the purchasing process, clients and RIMOWA staff can receive additional product information via the Selinko customer service app. 

Upon scanning the ID tag, clients are redirected to RIMOWA’s eCommerce interface where they can access tailored information, which aids in building a trustworthy relationship with the brand. Rimowa is planning to use this technology to provide access to ownership and authenticity certificates on Aura’s blockchain when registering. That way, RIMOWA is guaranteeing total security of certificates while receiving more specific and personalised data. This process increases customer intelligence and allows for more personalised services.

Get the detailed case study